Hitting Rhythm

A couple days into the tour, Rosa and I looked at each other with these bone-weary faces.  We were tired.  We had headaches.  We felt a little irritable.  When we opened the door of the Scamp after our maiden voyage, the cabinets were open, a stool had tipped, and an onion greeted us from the floor—thrown from one of the cabinets.  I went on a long jag about traveling—about how when you first start out it’s exhausting and full of snags.  I narrowed my eyes, and like a sage said, “We just haven’t hit rhythm yet.”

 June 14-17, 2013 004 (Large)

A few days later, at the campsite in Bend, Rosa’s sister, Alura, said to us, “You two drink decaf coffee?”  We looked at her like she had just turned into a monster.  “No!”  She pointed at our coffee.  “Then why are you drinking decaf?”

And like an epiphany filtering down through the head of a James Joyce character, we knew that the whole rhythm philosophy, while it sounded so damn good, was attributable wholly to caffeine withdrawal.

A bit later, Alura’s adorable daughter, Cira, was doing the “flick and swish” of a wand from Harry Potter.  “So, is that your magic wand?” I asked her.  “No.  It’s a pencil.”

June 14-17, 2013 024 (Large)

2 thoughts on “Hitting Rhythm

  1. I am so impressed with the revamp you’ve done! I have wanted a Scamp but have never revamped. Not real handy. Any insights? We’re looking for a retirement “National Parks and Capitals” Tour. But if I want the Scamp dream it’s going to have to be a revamp…..and I will have to do the work. I am near Albany NY. Any suggestions? And if you live nearby, any help?
    You’ve done a wonderful job! A good team!

    • Hi Pat, Revamping a camper is serious handy work. It’s unlike handy work on a home, because it’s in a small space and takes a lot of skill and ingenuity. If you’re not handy, I would suggest a camper that takes less work. Try trolling Craigslist for a used Scamp in good condition, which you can find for a few grand if you commit to the process. You can also search all of Craigslist–the whole country–or refer to http://www.fiberglassrv.com/ which has tons of information about fiberglass campers. The best time to get a good deal on a used camper is in the fall or winter. Good luck. Nick

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