Scamp Restoration (Part 2)

Rosa and I have put the finishing touches on the interior, and this Scamp is ready to roll out.  We head out on tour on Sunday night or Monday morning–off the grid, solar powered, musical as hell, and INTO THE ORGONE.

Last night we had a folding party for the happiness questionnaires we’ll be distributing on tour.  One of our friends named RJ told us a story about a guy who ate a full triangle of Brie, thinking it was a piece of cheesecake.

This cracked RJ up like hell, because he’s the kind of guy who charmingly laughs at his own jokes and stories.  “Oh!  That was some cheese, cheese, cheese cake!” he screamed in our backyard.

Full bed in the back:

June 2013 284

Bunk and couch in front:

June 2013 289

June 2013 288

All lights are low wattage LEDs.

June 2013 285

This dork:

June 2013 291

Time now to follow the indications.

6 thoughts on “Scamp Restoration (Part 2)

  1. Hi! I’m curious how the grouting and paint held up to your walls, and if you just pained the ensolite with a paintbrush?

    • Hi Colleen, The caulk looks the same as the day I put it in. And, yes, I simply used a paintbrush to paint the ensolite. Good luck.

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