Communications with Nokomis

Aural Connections with the “Earth Mother” and the Feelings Associated with Earth Longing

In my efforts to communicate with what many believe is a feminine, ephemeral spiritual presence—either in the air or in the dirt, I have built several listening devices in order to try and detect either aural rhythms or sounds. I’m listening for “whispers”—a previously undetected language that the spirit of the earth uses to communicate with us.  On the left is the first device I created, which I would wear on 4-hour Thoreau-esque walks–or as he calls them “Saunters”–into the wild.  I have yet to analyze the results and report on my findings.

Second, I created a “Sonance Station” out of what looks like a series of horns—once used in warfare to listen for distant and/or approaching airplanes.  This device, which I created and hid deep in the hills of Briones Regional Park in California, allows me to detect very low sounds created in the atmosphere.


Third, you will notice the drilling device below, connected to a diesel truck, in which long, compact pipes are drilled deep into the earth.  After the pipe is drilled, we drop a microphone to the bottom and digitally record the audio track using very sensitive listening software called Rapt.  Currently I’m designing a communication device out old organ pipes.

It seems that Nokomis often falls silent when she knows I’m listening.


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